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About Us

ITL has provided a vital link for Indian businesses requiring transportation of consignments within India. Our company ever since been a leading express Transportation service provider. We have built a reputation of reliability in transportation of Consignment and parcels locally and nationally due to our professional approach, competitive pricing and large network. With the quality of service rendered by us right from the inception we have become the most preferred transporter from Chennai all India.

We have attained the lag of Piece of Mind and have become a market leader in the road transport industry.


ITL's Multimodal transport offers safe and efficient movement of goods, where we accept the complete responsibility, door-to-door. Further, with technological development of transport means and operations as well as in communications, we are able to provide safe and efficient transport for the entire chain of transport. The result of this well integrated multimodal links is smooth and efficient transit of cargo from the point of manufacturing to the point of final consumption.

ITL combines a long tradition of valuing the customers, the best practices of its customers and the economies of scale with constant innovation and the energy and flexibility of youth in a dynamic equilibrium to not only fulfill but also exceed customer expectations. Not only do we believe in providing the very best levels of service to meet the needs of our agents and partners, but also strive to add value by reciprocation.


Adaptability is extremely important for Indian Trans logistics Quality Management systems in general due to the nature of the business. ITL includes powerful adaptability tools that allow it to cover almost every logistics need of a modern enterprise.

ITL is well equipped with a strong workforce of experienced, trained and a dedicated team, committed to taking care of all the requirements of our customers incorporating the customs, airlines & shipping lines, handling documentation and transportation. We aim to provide our customers with excellent services with the goal of becoming their reliable partner for long-term business co-operation to bond mutual trust.


Our mission is to exceed customer's expectations through our services with complete dedication and integrity. We follow a no nonsense approach to our business, for that we realize our clients are the base that we stand upon.

We are business promoter to our customers and facilitate them in creating competitive edge by optimizing their supply chains through innovation, total commitment and together achieve superior financial results.